Invest in Tomorrow's Leaders
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We're building the world's leading youth development business.

Our vision is to empower tomorrow's leaders to enjoy moments of purpose and achievement, cultivate lifelong bonds, and conserve the great outdoors.

Our mission is to invest in and support the growth of best-in-class businesses operating in youth development to help future generations develop the confidence and capabilities they need to succeed.

Canyonlands Camps, our flagship business, is a partnership of the leading summer camps in the US. Canyonlands Camps promotes the social and emotional development of the next generation of leaders in a safe, values-driven environment.

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In new verticals, we invest in platforms with at least $10 million in revenue or a bottom line of at least $2 million 

We make majority investments in small businesses and work with the current team to accelerate growth. Our deal structures are flexible to the business's needs - whether it's planning for retirement or solving liquidity needs. We work with existing management teams on sales, marketing, and pricing as well as on back-office operational and technical efficiency. We want to help our partners do what they do best: provide amazing experiences for their clients.

In new verticals, we invest in platform businesses exceeding $10 million revenue and will add on smaller businesses that offer a strategic fit. If you own or operate a small business in youth development and you're looking for a strategic investment, reach out to us to learn more. You can fill out the contact form at the bottom of our site. 


Invest in Tomorrow's Leaders

Canyonlands Camps, our flagship business, is a partnership of youth summer camps in the US.

Our vision is to create the premier camps organization through marrying exceptional business practices with the best summer camps programming. To achieve this, we make financial investments in summer camps and provide them with solutions to support their businesses, with a particular focus on People Operations, Sales & Marketing, and back-office Administrative Services. 

Culture, legacy, and brand identity are critically important to us. As such, we'll never change a camp's name or traditions. But when a camp joins Canyonlands, they're joining a collaborative community of leaders in youth development. 

We're looking for a strong leadership team, top facilities, and clearly differentiated programming. If you're interested in learning more, please get in touch for access to our Canyonlands Camps site!



Connor McCarthy

Connor grew up in Alabama, fishing and sea kayaking off his grandfather's pier and picking blackberries for cobbler. He's a former small business CEO. Connor's favorite outdoor adventures include Ironman Coeur d'Alene, rafting the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River, and cycling in the Alps.


University of Georgia, BA

Stanford, MBA


Work Experience

McKinsey, business analyst

Google, strategy

Beneco, CEO

Caroline was raised to see the world by her adventurous parents. She's an experienced operator, having led service delivery at a >$150 million revenue business. Caroline's favorite outdoor adventures include hiking Everest Base Camp, fly fishing the Snake River, and trekking the Camino de Santiago.




UPenn, BA

Stanford, MBA

Harvard, MPA

Work Experience

Google, sales

Acumen, VP Ops

Moab was adopted into the Canyonlands Family after proving himself a worthy adventure partner in Zion National Park. He's now been to 6 national parks altogether, and Acadia is his favorite for the nightlife in Bar Harbor.​ Mo's favorite outdoor adventures include chasing squirrels, eating sticks, and the zoomies!



PetSmart Puppy School

Work Experience

"Guard" dog

Caroline Matthews



We uphold the highest ethical standards and seek partners that share our values. 


We see ourselves as stewards of the environment. Our future relies on well- preserved and maintained cultural experiences and natural environments. 


We promote and invest in local communities. This includes providing fair wages, engaging local businesses, and investing in workforce development.


We believe that getting out of one's comfort zone lends itself to developing new perspective. 

We're committed to working with businesses that are





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